Make A Right Selection of Wedding Choreography For Your Marriage

Wedding Choreography in Delhi
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An Indian Wedding is a lifetime affair for everyone and all the persons wish to celebrate it in a grand manner. They feel that all the family members from both sides must enjoy every bit of many events and functions in any marriage. Friends and relatives are also very anxious and look forward to participate in those functions with great patience to be an active part of those events. Continue reading “Make A Right Selection of Wedding Choreography For Your Marriage”


8 Points To Remember While Selecting A Wedding Invitation Card

 Elegant Invitation For MarriageOnce the dates of a Marriage Ceremony are decided, both the families start looking for getting Invitation cards printed in case the time gap is not much. Nowadays, many variety of designer invitation cards are available in the market. One can also customize them as per individual liking. You can also easily and smoothly do experimenting on the available samples so as to convey entirely a unique look to your invite. Continue reading “8 Points To Remember While Selecting A Wedding Invitation Card”

New Ways For Physical Fitness – “Aqua Workouts”

 Aqua Cycling - Physical Fitness

Everyone aspires to have a fit body in a good shape. The Bride and the Groom, both are also no exception to this wish. Aqua exercises are part of quite a common new trend amongst the youngsters. It brings in far more benefits vs. traditional surface exercises. Normal swimming itself is a great mode of body exercise with immense benefits to the user. Fatigue level is also comparatively low if one gets into aqua workouts. Continue reading “New Ways For Physical Fitness – “Aqua Workouts””

Why to Engage a Good Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

Destination Wedding PlannerTypically, an Indian wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion which includes many days and nights of celebrations where two families and their friends unite to make it  most memorable experience for the couple who are bonding in holy matrimony pursuit. Every minute of this solemn occasion is very special.  A perfect wedding is combination of many activities and therefore needs timely execution for each one of them. Continue reading “Why to Engage a Good Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR”

Bridal Hair Care in Summer & Monsoon

Indian Wedding HairstyleEvery Indian Wedding primarily focuses on Bride and Groom. Of the two, bride always gets maximum attention of people around and therefore she has to be very particular on her looks for various ceremonies relating to her wedding spanning many days. Hair play a major role in the overall looks of the bride and it can in fact make or break looks. Each bride aspires to look most beautiful and gorgeous on her Big-Day. Continue reading “Bridal Hair Care in Summer & Monsoon”

Top 5 Stylish Groom Wears for Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding SherwaniAn Indian wedding is celebrated in a grand way. It comprises of lavish feasts, huge decorations and lots of mini & big ceremonies. All through the wedding, the bride and groom are the main cente of activity and focus. So, they have to be very cautious in choosing their respective attire and wears. They need to spend lots of time doing R&D, interaction and discussion with family & friends. They must also keep latest fashion and trends in mind while doing such good homework. Continue reading “Top 5 Stylish Groom Wears for Indian Wedding”

Finger Foods – A New Emerging Trend In Catering

Finger Foods with Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR
Tandoori Platter

An Indian Wedding is not just an event; it is a week-long affair of many ceremonies, parties, get together and functions involving guests and relatives of two families who are coming closer to each other. Both the families try to leave no stone unturned in providing best hospitality especially while serving food. The food range comprises from traditional dishes to the most innovative international foods. Continue reading “Finger Foods – A New Emerging Trend In Catering”