Vivacious Prints For Bridal Wear

Wedding Dresses for Indian Bride
Source: 360-Fashion-Show-Bridal-Dresses-Collection

In any wedding, Bridal wear play a very vital role. Bride and her close family relations are very much concerned on what to decide for Bridal dress for a particular event / function. In any dress, fabric and print design play very important part depending on the weather conditions and personality of the bride.

While choosing Bridal Dress in summer season, the task becomes more difficult. One has also to keep in mind that fashion is all about evolution. The print range can be full of numerous alternatives with creativity. Any dress without prints can get boring. Bold prints always add special effect to the entire dress.

Vibrant Dresses For Bride

In every dress, print designs are an integral part of fashion fabric and have been followed from traditional to the new age digital prints. Since the time immemorial, the main contribution of prints to the fabric is that they leave its everlasting impact on the first look to the dress.

Prints on the fabric must preferably be in in vibrant colors – from classic blues, browns and aquamarines to tinted pastels, this summer’s vivid color palette is sure to flirt with unconventional impressions. That will surely narrate a vibrant than ever impression to the viewers. Prints also get inspired from different customs, cultures or traditions prevailing in any part of the world. For example, Turkish tiles and textiles, Chinese blue pottery, gypsy mirror work from traditional kutch and kalamkari etc seem to be trend setters this summer.

Elegant Wedding Dress For Indian Bride
Source: lehenga.pk_Bridal-Dresses

Also, the Persian prints in vibrant sunshine yellow, cherry red, orange with neutral off whites and black apparently look to be perfect for summer and spring. A bride can also prefer Artisanal theme with repetitive geometric pattern creating fantastic visual appeal. Vintage European prints are also in the vogue now as these look much more feminine and delicate. The rosette print inspired from the Victorian period is definitely much liked by one and all.

Sometimes, an inspirational print could be in the broken glass print which looks like the mosaic print. In fact, mosaic art associates nature with images of birds, parrots, trees, houses and fish prancing on basic silhouettes in their vibrant finery.

Bridal Wedding Dresses

Nowadays, weddings are getting lavish and grander day by day, so the brides have taken Saree and Lehanga obsession to another level. The modern bride not likes to keep it traditional but also in the contemporary ways. For bridal wear, one should not experiment with print on bridal wear for wedding and follow a strict no-no principle here. Soft prints mixed with colors from the same family will certainly look extravagant.

A modern bride always prefer to combine her ideologies with traditional designs and modesty. This is very much possible if right fabric with printed designs in vibrant color combination are applied to give different look.

Indian Wedding Dresses


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