Initiate Your Wedding Planning Before 4-6 Months

Wedding Proposal
Wedding Proposal

Just finalized your wedding?

If you have just finalized your wedding and have no idea how to begin the preparations, this article will help you out. As we know, there are hundreds of things which need to be done while planning your wedding, you should make sure that you don’t miss any of them.

The wedding arrangements usually start 4-6 months before the wedding date. Hence, you should be aware of all that has to be taken care off at this moment.

The following is a list of a few basic things which you should do while initiating the wedding arrangements:

Date Fixture

Astro Science

The very first step is to finalize your wedding date. Usually, it depends upon Astro-Science, but you should look for a weekend in order to get the maximum involvement of the guests.

Guest List Finalization

Guest List Finatiztion
Welcome Guests

Once the wedding has been finalized, you should start making the guest list. Try and include address and contact numbers of each invitee. This list will come as handy while sending the wedding cards and/or talking to them.

Finalize Venue

It is important to finalize the wedding venue in advance as good venues get booked quickly especially during wedding season. The venue must be decided keeping in mind convenience of both the families and guests.

Setting the Theme

Once your Venue is decided, you should set up the Wedding Theme. When you are deciding your theme, keep in mind the location and ambience of your venue. Themes may differ from place to place.

Bridal / Groom Wear

Bride - Groom Wear
Indian Bride & Groom

Start deciding your Bridal / Groom outfits as soon as possible, as the latest designs may quickly purchased by others. In case of Bridal wear, one has to work hard the selection of Bridal Sarees, Lehangas & Lingerie items. For Groom, looking for Sherwani, Bandhgala / Indo-Western Suits might be the good options to choose from. These outfits selection is a time consuming job and many a times they are not available readymade. So, we have to keep reasonable time provision for stitching, trial fittings and alterations.

Gifts & Trousseau Shopping

In every wedding, exchange of Gifts is an essential part. Specialized Trousseau Packing is got done for Bridal & Groom Wear and sometimes, the same need to be synchronized with the wedding theme. So, make provision for the extra time to take care of this activity also.

Beauty & Fitness Regimen

Start a well-planned Beauty and Fitness Regime which could further enhance your appearance and multiply the effect of your makeup on the big day. One can easily join nearby Gym and wellness Center to avail such facilities.

Make Reservations for Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding
Beach Wedding

If you planned for a Destination Wedding, it is important to get all your reservations and bookings done for hotel accommodation, transportation and wedding venue. Late bookings may result in higher expenditure or may be the deal is closed.

So, keep the above things in mind, and initiate your wedding arrangements accordingly.


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