The Art Of Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts Packing
Wedding Gifts Packing

Gifts and Trousseau are an integral part of the Indian Wedding rituals. A marriage is not just the union of two persons but two families. Exchanging of Gifts between the two families is an ancient tradition being followed till now. All the wedding events whether it is an Engagement, Sangeet (Music) Ceremony, Mehndi Rasam or the Wedding Day itself, exchange of gifts is done to express your love and affection towards your guests.The bride’s family exchanges gifts with their guests and similarly the groom’s family does it with their guests.  Every person being part of a wedding not only takes Gifts but memories to their home with them. Apart from showing your affection, gifts also help give a long lasting memory in the guests’ mind.

Trousseau Gift Packing
Trousseau Gift Packing

One of the few things that help in making a wedding more special is the beautifully packaged gifts that are ceremoniously given. That leaves a wonderful memory of love, affection & laughter.  In times to come, those Gift Boxes, Packaging Papers, Trinkets etc. could bring back a flood of memories of a wonderful day.

Nowadays, creativity and innovation are making wedding gifts more beautiful. These creative gifts not only differentiate your wedding but also give the guests a change from the usual gifting ritual. Some of the new creative and innovative gifting ideas may be as follows:

Creative Gifting Paper

Wedding Gift Paper Box
Wedding Gift Paper Box

Some gift pack designers are offering innovative designs of gift wrapping papers. These may include designs having photos of bride and groom, gods and goddesses, theme of the wedding etc.  Use of vibrant color combination can give an additional elegance to the gift pack.

3-D Designed

3-D Wedding Gft Packing
3-D Wedding Gift Packing

You can use 3-D design boxes to replace the conventional gift boxes. These boxes may be either hand crafted or machine made. Some of the designs may be in shapes of Swastik, OM, Diya, Lord Ganesha etc. You can opt for any of the above to get your wedding gifts packed in an innovative manner.

But, now the question arises that what are the things which you can pack inside them. Thus, there are a large number of things which can be gifted to the guests: these may include:

Coins and Notes

Gold Coins Wedding Gift
Gold Coins Wedding Gift

Coins and Notes of gold or silver are being gifted for a long time now. These can be used for close family members and friends.

Sweets, Chocolates and Dry Fruits

Chocolate Wedding Gift
Chocolate Wedding Gift

Gift packs may be combined with sweets, chocolates and dry fruits in suitable partitions with wedding invitation cards, bridal wears, and groom wears and gifts packs for family members and guests.

Silverware and Crockery

Silverware Wedding Gift
Silverware Wedding Gift

Gift packs may also contain silver ware & crockery items. Again the packing material may be chosen as per wedding theme in different shades and colors.

Paintings and Idols of Gorgeous Goddesses

Load Ganesha - Idol Wedding Gift
Load Ganesha – Idol Wedding Gift

One can also think of gifting Paintings and Idols of Gods & Goddesses which may/may not be combined with other articles.

Follow the above ideas and make your Wedding Gifts & Trousseau Packing different from others.


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