Finger Foods – A New Emerging Trend In Catering

Finger Foods with Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR
Tandoori Platter

An Indian Wedding is not just an event; it is a week-long affair of many ceremonies, parties, get together and functions involving guests and relatives of two families who are coming closer to each other. Both the families try to leave no stone unturned in providing best hospitality especially while serving food. The food range comprises from traditional dishes to the most innovative international foods. A wide variety of food stalls are set up to enable guests to enjoy dishes of their choice and preferences. People now are extremely choosy and health conscious and one must offer them food items in small sizes to taste more & more of them without any ill effects of any higher intake of a particular item.

Small Finger Foods
Small Finger Foods

Wide spectrum of options are available for making the gourmet choices. The latest concept coming up in food catering is the idea of Finger Foods. People now a days prefer enjoying Finger Foods and it also keeps them entertained. All you need to do is pick it up and put it in your mouth. As the single portion is small, guests are ready to experiment many dishes without indulging in overeating.

A wide variety in Finger Foods is available and one can choose from few :

Small Aloo Tikki

Tandoori Paneer
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  • Small Aloo Tikki
  • Tandoori Paneer
  • Mushroom
  • Spring Rolls
  • Dahi Kababs
  • Soy chap
  • Chicken Malai Tikka
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Potato veggies
  • Desserts like Cookies, Cream Puffs and Fruit Tart
  • Cup Cake Wedding Cakes
  • Small snacks like Pillow Mints, Chocolate Candies and Nuts
  • Assorted Cheese Balls

It is always important to consider the varied tastes of your guests while choosing a finger food menu by providing a wide selection so that anyone with unusual diets can enjoy the wedding feast. Furthermore, offering both classic comfort foods and more exotic gourmet treats will give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favorite food with sample intake of new dishes.

Best Caterers is Delhi NCR
India’s Famous – Pani-Puri

Normally, a selection of finger foods will cost you less than a fully catered meal. You can choose to variety of dishes. Finger foods also save money on cutlery rentals and can be served in minimum labor. By opting finger foods, one can offer a greater selection of treats for their guests to sample more, rather than having few main dishes. This selection can especially be valuable for a large reception with many diverse tastes, in addition to multicultural celebrations which will introduce new foods to your guests.

So, try out in diverse themes and cuisines on the table with a lots of small servings. Best Wedding Caterers in Delhi NCR can help you on this aspect.

Fruit Salad - New Trends in Weddings
Fruit Salad

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