Bridal Hair Care in Summer & Monsoon

Indian Wedding HairstyleEvery Indian Wedding primarily focuses on Bride and Groom. Of the two, bride always gets maximum attention of people around and therefore she has to be very particular on her looks for various ceremonies relating to her wedding spanning many days. Hair play a major role in the overall looks of the bride and it can in fact make or break looks. Each bride aspires to look most beautiful and gorgeous on her Big-Day.Bridal Hair Style

The Would-be-Bride has to take extra precaution during summer and monsoon seasons. These weather bring many hair related problems which warrants very special care and attention. In case your hair is exposed to unreasonable hot or rainy weather, it can result in a disaster like situation. This season always results in maximum hair fall, dryness and tightly curled kind of situation for the hair.Bridal Hair CareAny bride must start taking proper hair care at least 30 days before the wedding. Even, in between there may be other mini ceremonies like Ring ceremony, Engagement, Ladies sangeet etc. which calls for regular care and attention. So, always avoid soaking your hair in rainy water or perspiration. Such a situation invites hair fall & dandruff problems which can even aggravate if not given due treatment.

We all know that prevention is better option always. So while going out, alays opt for umbrella and head scarf. Use mild shampoo twice a week with a good conditioner to avoid dandruff and greasiness in the hair.Indian Bridal Makeup

Your diet is also important ingredient for the better upkeep of hair health. Water intake, salads and fruits must be major part of your daily diet. Besides, right intake of low fat milk products, nuts and pulses is also very important. Many nutritionists quite often stress on this diet regimen not only for your body health but also for the lustrous hair as well. Nuts specially almonds, walnuts and sprouts can nourish your hair properly. Completely avoid having oil rich foods and junk food. Take 5 mini meals instead of 3 meals during the whole day.Indian Bridal Hairstyles

Sometimes, in the summer and rainy season, hair gets damaged and the best course is to wash them with lemon juice mixed with water. After 30 minutes, your scalp will soak it and you are ready to shampoo your hair along with a good conditioner. This easy Hair Treatment will make your hair lustrous and shining with extra glow.

With all these small care and Tips, the bride can properly nourish her hair well not only for the big day but for various mini ceremonies in between. Also, Bride can have Indian Wedding Hairstyles at the Best Beauty Parlors around the city.Indian Bridal Hairstyles


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