New Ways For Physical Fitness – “Aqua Workouts”

 Aqua Cycling - Physical Fitness

Everyone aspires to have a fit body in a good shape. The Bride and the Groom, both are also no exception to this wish. Aqua exercises are part of quite a common new trend amongst the youngsters. It brings in far more benefits vs. traditional surface exercises. Normal swimming itself is a great mode of body exercise with immense benefits to the user. Fatigue level is also comparatively low if one gets into aqua workouts.

Aqua Workout - Physical Fitness

Because of the resilience of the water, working out in the pool provides a perfect medium for those who must avoid high impact exercise on land surface. Water exercises make it comfortable for those who suffer from arthritis or for those who find land-based exercises to be filled with too much impact for their joints. With water related exercises, not only will you get a great cardio workout, but you might be surprised by the strength training benefits from using the water as resistance.

Aqua Aerobics - Physical Fitness

Due to the water’s natural resistance, it helps us build greater muscle tone and endurance while opting for the aqua exercise route. Here are a few select workouts one can go for as part of aqua workouts to get extra energy and of course good health: Aqua Walking - Physical Fitness

  1. Water Marching – Stand up straight, breath normally and make continuous strides as if marching on the spot. The resistance created by water will keep march slow and enjoyable.
  2. Arms Toning – Stand with your feet apart, arms extended in front of you holding a ball, push the ball beneath water forming the figure 8. That will tone up your arm muscles to its best.
  3. Water Jogging – Like on the land or treadmill, do it in a pool. You should be in water not beyond shoulders. It relaxes your arms and feet muscles and also tones them up.Aqua Jogging - Physical Fitness
  4. Side Stretch – Stand by the sidewalls of the pool. Inhale as you extend the outside arm and exhale as you lean away from poolside.
  5. Jumping Jacks – You must stand till chest water level while your feet on the base. Bend your knees and then spring up off as high as possible with water resistance.
  6. Waist Trimmer – With your back against the poolside. Arm along the edge for support, draw the knees to your waist. Inhale and swing legs to your left, then to right and back to center.
  7. Total Body Stretch – Stand an arms-length away from the pool wall. Keep shoulders relaxed, feet together and arms by your sides. Breathe normally keep your whole body slightly moving in round or oval shape.Aqua Stretching - Physical Fitness

While doing these workouts, keep yourself duly hydrated. Also don’t go over doing. Start with 20 minutes workout and gradually increase it to 40 minutes a day. All this will prove not only a fun but result in best of your health & spirit well before the Big-Day. One can find Best Physical Fitness Center for more fun.


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