Top 5 Stylish Groom Wears for Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding SherwaniAn Indian wedding is celebrated in a grand way. It comprises of lavish feasts, huge decorations and lots of mini & big ceremonies. All through the wedding, the bride and groom are the main cente of activity and focus. So, they have to be very cautious in choosing their respective attire and wears. They need to spend lots of time doing R&D, interaction and discussion with family & friends. They must also keep latest fashion and trends in mind while doing such good homework. Continue reading “Top 5 Stylish Groom Wears for Indian Wedding”


Vivacious Prints For Bridal Wear

Wedding Dresses for Indian Bride
Source: 360-Fashion-Show-Bridal-Dresses-Collection

In any wedding, Bridal wear play a very vital role. Bride and her close family relations are very much concerned on what to decide for Bridal dress for a particular event / function. In any dress, fabric and print design play very important part depending on the weather conditions and personality of the bride. Continue reading “Vivacious Prints For Bridal Wear”