Make A Right Selection of Wedding Choreography For Your Marriage

Wedding Choreography in Delhi
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An Indian Wedding is a lifetime affair for everyone and all the persons wish to celebrate it in a grand manner. They feel that all the family members from both sides must enjoy every bit of many events and functions in any marriage. Friends and relatives are also very anxious and look forward to participate in those functions with great patience to be an active part of those events. Continue reading “Make A Right Selection of Wedding Choreography For Your Marriage”


Why to Engage a Good Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR

Destination Wedding PlannerTypically, an Indian wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion which includes many days and nights of celebrations where two families and their friends unite to make it  most memorable experience for the couple who are bonding in holy matrimony pursuit. Every minute of this solemn occasion is very special.  A perfect wedding is combination of many activities and therefore needs timely execution for each one of them. Continue reading “Why to Engage a Good Wedding Planner in Delhi NCR”

Initiate Your Wedding Planning Before 4-6 Months

Wedding Proposal
Wedding Proposal

Just finalized your wedding?

If you have just finalized your wedding and have no idea how to begin the preparations, this article will help you out. As we know, there are hundreds of things which need to be done while planning your wedding, you should make sure that you don’t miss any of them.

The wedding arrangements usually start 4-6 months before the wedding date. Hence, you should be aware of all that has to be taken care off at this moment. Continue reading “Initiate Your Wedding Planning Before 4-6 Months”

Characteristics of a Good Wedding Planner

Indian Wedding Photography

As you all know that a wedding is not only a costly affair, but also a stressful one. Organizing & coordinating all activities can be a daunting task. In Indian weddings, where we have numerous events before and after the wedding, it is important to make sure that all these events are choreographed in an effective and efficient manner. Every bride and groom want their big day to go well without any hassles. Same is the expectation of their respective families. Continue reading “Characteristics of a Good Wedding Planner”