The Art Of Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts Packing
Wedding Gifts Packing

Gifts and Trousseau are an integral part of the Indian Wedding rituals. A marriage is not just the union of two persons but two families. Exchanging of Gifts between the two families is an ancient tradition being followed till now. All the wedding events whether it is an Engagement, Sangeet (Music) Ceremony, Mehndi Rasam or the Wedding Day itself, exchange of gifts is done to express your love and affection towards your guests. Continue reading “The Art Of Wedding Gifts”


Initiate Your Wedding Planning Before 4-6 Months

Wedding Proposal
Wedding Proposal

Just finalized your wedding?

If you have just finalized your wedding and have no idea how to begin the preparations, this article will help you out. As we know, there are hundreds of things which need to be done while planning your wedding, you should make sure that you don’t miss any of them.

The wedding arrangements usually start 4-6 months before the wedding date. Hence, you should be aware of all that has to be taken care off at this moment. Continue reading “Initiate Your Wedding Planning Before 4-6 Months”

Characteristics of a Good Wedding Planner

Indian Wedding Photography

As you all know that a wedding is not only a costly affair, but also a stressful one. Organizing & coordinating all activities can be a daunting task. In Indian weddings, where we have numerous events before and after the wedding, it is important to make sure that all these events are choreographed in an effective and efficient manner. Every bride and groom want their big day to go well without any hassles. Same is the expectation of their respective families. Continue reading “Characteristics of a Good Wedding Planner”


Spa Services in Delhi

Planning a Wedding is a bit stressful. Summer season also adds woes to one and all. To unwind, one needs to follow Spa & Bath Therapy in order to relax.

There is no doubt that water has marvelous curative properties and any human being can enjoy with good use of it. Water bath therapy has the power to give a new energy & freshness to your body, mind and spirit. Continue reading “4 BENEFITS OF SPA – BATH THERAPY FOR WEDDING IN SUMMER”

Vivacious Prints For Bridal Wear

Wedding Dresses for Indian Bride
Source: 360-Fashion-Show-Bridal-Dresses-Collection

In any wedding, Bridal wear play a very vital role. Bride and her close family relations are very much concerned on what to decide for Bridal dress for a particular event / function. In any dress, fabric and print design play very important part depending on the weather conditions and personality of the bride. Continue reading “Vivacious Prints For Bridal Wear”